Success Stories

The Wellspring Domestic Violence Program Coalition member agencies engaged the community in serving the homeless by collecting and sharing donations and providing training and leadership around the root causes of homelessness. Welcome Home Kits were donated to The Wellspring’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program.

Jane’s Story-
Jane was referred to the Wellspring by her professor. She came to the Wellspring in quest of a safe place for herself and her daughter. When she arrived, she was very troubled and broken because she did not know if she was going to make it through her circumstances. She was determined that regardless of what happened she would not return to the abusive relationship. Staff encouraged Jane to take advantage of counseling services and to attend weekly group sessions. While at the Wellspring, she was also enrolled in school to pursue her goals of becoming a Phlebotomist and EKG technician. Due to the distraction of the abusive relationship and desiring to stay safe, Jane missed a week of class. When she returned to class the following week, Jane still managed to pass all of her tests with scores of 100. She remained determined and eager to complete the program.

As she began to perceive her own progress, she was no longer spending her days weeping. Jane shifted her emotions and pushed herself to find and establishing housing before leaving the Safe Haven. She set her own goals to find housing, employment and finish school. Once her goals began to be achieved, the Wellspring provided rental and utility assistance to re-establish a safe home. She currently remains free from her abuser. Jane has graduated and is now re-enrolled in school to become a Registered Nurse. Jane remains in touch with the Wellspring and she gives back by making home-made jewelry as presents for the survivors at Safe Haven.

*This story was reproduced with permission from 
the Wellspring 2013 Annual Report.

Story from the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program (HPRP)-

Shortening the Length and trauma of homelessness, three HOME Coalition member agencies, Our House, Rays of Sonshine and the Wellspring, served 881 people with Homeless Prevention and Rapid rehousing programs in Monroe. These services were made possible by grants from the City of Monroe through the LA Dept. of Children & Family Services and the U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development.

Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing (commonly known by the acronym HPRP) is a program model designed to reduce the trauma of homelessness by providing rapid intervention to help people with imminent risk of losing their housing, maintain it or by quickly rehousing those who have lost their housing. Then time-limited supportive services tailored to each participating individual or family’s unique needs are provided to help address underlying causes of the housing crisis and any barriers to remaining housed and returning to independence. HPRP services offered by the three programs included rental and utility assistance, referrals for other community services, case management and more. Formal HPRP programming is new to the area, coming into existence for the first time in 2010. However, HPRP will continue thanks to future funding through the U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development.

Story from Rays of Sonshine/Habitat of Humanity for Ouachita – 
City of Monroe Affordable Housing Project-

The City of Monroe and Habitat for Humanity, both of whom are HOME Coalition members, received a Neighborhood Stabilization grant for $1,120,000 to develop 11 new home ownership opportunities for low income families within the areas of greatest need inside the Monroe city limits. The City has transferred vacant and tax adjudicated properties to Habitat for construction of new homes using the Habitat sweat equity model. Habitat then sells the homes to eligible very low income families utilizing the Habitat model of affordability and in-house financing. Through this program, 11 single family houses are currently under construction or have been completed during 2012. A third member of the Coalition, Rays of Sonshine, also secured Neighborhood Stabilization funding in the amount of $1,530,000 to develop 12 units of affordable rental housing, also for very low income families and also utilizing abandoned, vacant tax adjudicated properties transferred from the City of Monroe. The 12 units were completed in 2012.